How did the legend Bruce Lee die?

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In 1940 Bruce lee was born as lee Jun Fan from a Chinese father and an Eurasian mother, He was martial artist, actor, director and philosopher.
He started his journey of martial arts by learning Wing Chun from the grand master Yip Man in Hong Kong, later he founder his own art and called it Jeet Kun Do. 

A theory says that he was the father of the modern mixed martial arts. Bruce lee was a real influence for martial artists and he was one of those who changed the way Asians were treated or presented in the Western movie, and for example Chinese are doing very low jobs in movies.
Bruce Lee was born in China town in San Francisco and his father was a Cantonese opera star called Lee Hoi Chuen. Bruce was introduced to cinema as a child by his father and he appeared in many movies as a child actor.

At 18 he moved to the United States to study in Washington University in Seattle and that was the period when he was teaching martial arts.
Bruce Lee succeeded to elevate the martial arts movies to another high level,  and he changed the martial arts films in both Hong Kong and Hollywood.
Bruce Lee Died young at the age of 32, and there were many theories including Allergic reaction, murder heat and family curse.
His problems started when he was working on his movie Enter the Dragon and it happened that he fainted during a recording session, and he was complaining of  headache and seizures.

At the hospital he was diagnosed with cerebral edema and his brain was swollen.
After some treatments he felt better, and when he moved to Hong Kong he visited Betty Ting Pei and he was complaining from headache and she gave him a pain killer then he  went to lie down but she could not wake him up so she called the producer and  they took him to hospital but it was too late, Bruce Lee died...
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