First day of Karate in the Olympic games Tokyo 2020

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 Today is the first day for Karate as an official martial art or sport in the Olympics, and the good thing for the Japanese martial art is that it will be presented by Kata (similar to Poomsae in Taekwondo) and Kumite (Kyorugi or sparring in Taekwondo).

The Kata competition is much different than Taekwondo Poomsae competition adopted by the world Taekwondo Federation.

The traditional Korean kwans still use poomsaes similar to Katas in Karate (Example: Jidokwan ).

The Kata in competition is also very spectacular even even they are not using very high kicks, and the highest kick can not be performed above the head level, this makes the Karate Kata competition more realistic compared to many martial arts.

We are not sure if Karate will keep its place in the Olympic games or not, because there were some news that Karate will be Olympic only in Tokyo 2020, 

Karate is a famous martial art since the early twenty century, and we do think that this participation in the Olympic games will be a great promotion for the Japanese fighting style no matter if it stays or not.