Chuck Norris kicking the pad

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Besides his successful carrier in Cinema Chuck Norris is a real martial artist.

He had practiced Tang Soo Do under the supervision of a Korean master in Korea.

When he went back to the United States, he cut ties with Korea and became independent.

Many people are still thinking that Chuck Norris was doing Karate, but the fact is that he was practicing a  Taekwondo kwan.

Norris competed in many Karate Championships and won most of them, and we do know that fighting at that time was really tough, because Karate fighters were using much power in those full contact fights, and only people who can handle being kicked or punched can join those competitions.

Karate fights nowadays are so different, and fighters are forced to control their kicks and punches, this makes Karate safer than the old days. There are few exceptions in Karate styles especially the Kyukushin Karate founded by Mas Oyama.

 We came across a nice video where Chuck Norris was practicing kicks and Jean Claude Van Damme holding the pad for him.

Norris was performing very strong back kicks towards Jean-Claude and we can see power through the movement of Jean-Claude's arm.

Chuck Norris was forty four years old at the time (1984) while Jean Claude Van Damme was twenty four years old.

The amazing thing about the two icons is that they keep inspiring people even though they got older. Chuck Norris is 81 years old now and Jean Claude Van Damme is 61 years old.

The legend Chuck Norris still looks great for his age, and i personally have seen his last appearance this year on a video, and I can tell you That Norris is healthy and good.

The same thing is with Jean Claude Van Damme who managed to correct the direction of his life and he seems wiser than ever. 

Let's watch the video 😊