Top fake and useless martial arts

9:47:00 AM Tkd kwan 0 Comments

Not all the fighting styles that exist can 
be called martial arts or self defense arts, 
simply because some are just useless and 
can not be used for defense.
Some people claim to found extreme fighting 
styles and others claim to have deadly techniques, 
and we still do not understand how come they 
still have people who believe them and follow them.

The creator of this video made a list of top 5 useless 
martial arts, it is funny and sad to watch it, funny 
because it can make you laugh and smile, and 
sad because those who believe in those styles may be 
in trouble if they were forced to use them to defend 
themselves in a certain situation.
What do you think about those style? Do you believe 
they are real?
Feel free to share your opinion.