Taekwondo after 70

10:37:00 AM Tkd kwan 0 Comments

Is really age is just a number?
people lose much of their strength and flexibility 
when they get older, but is it impossible to start 
exercising in such an old age?
To be honest it is much better if people start 
taekwondo at early age and follow an active 
healthy life style, this will help to decrease 
the effect of aging, and the age wont stop 
you from kicking if you are doing it through 
the right correct way.

Older people who join taekwondo may face 
many issues to practice even the simple 
techniques, but after sometime they would 
get used to it.
This age category should look for the right 
master who got a correct education and training 
in taekwondo, and who knows the difference 
between instructing youth and instructing 
older people.
lets watch this example