Is DK Yoo strong as his videos show?

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DK Yoo is a South Korean martial arts master, 
he claims to have practiced more than 10 martial 
arts, He has many videos on YouTube and Facebook 
that shows his techniques.

He is giving many seminars to teach the art by using 
techniques from all the martial arts he did learn.
Physically he does not look like a big guy, his height 
is normal, and no big muscles, but when he demonstrate 
his techniques, we can see how he can control a good 
amount of energy when he attacks or defends, but 
is this he really too strong?

there is a question that everyone asks when they see 
someone demonstrating great power or much strength 
or undefeated technique, which is: why don't you show 
that in a real fight such as in MMA?
We can not of course answer this question but only 
him can, if he accepts to fight in a real fight.
lets watch the video 

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  1. At the risk of starting some sort of on line war ..this guy obviously has lot of skills that he is trying to teach people...Why must it always be a test of so called strength...& who is "tougher or better" there ia always some body better.UFC/MMA/Pro Boxers etc train got years & intensely before matches to make $$ & God bless them all...Everone has the right to defend themselves in real situations! elderly person,or a small child...I saw a huge x football player college wrestling champ x bouncer brought to his knees when his baby son he was holding poked him in the eye with his finger nail... He managed not to drop the baby although almost did..We had to take the guy to hopsital with a torn eye lens!Strength is nice but it ain't that simple. Ask all the tough Special Forces guys who have been wounded by child soldiers ..we can't ask the dead ones...