This is how Keanu Reeves got ready for John Wick film

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 Keanu Charles Reeves is Canadian actor, born in Beirut (Lebanon) September 2, 1964, but he was raised in Toronto (Canada).

The successful star did not have a happy childhood, because his father abandoned them when he was three years only, and probably the last time he saw his father he was thirteen years old. his mother also did not have any stable marriage, and it is a bit shocking that she married four times, one of them lasted only one year.

He is 57 years old now and He is one of the actors that look younger than their real age. He has done a lot of successful movies and his best first appearance in my opinion was in the film The Matrix that was filmed over twenty years ago, but i do think that everyone would agree that his best movie is John Wick.

The Choreography in that film required a lot of efforts and martial arts training, this is why Keanu had to practice martial arts to be ready for that role, and according to some info, He trained Judo and Jiujitsu.

Reeves had a double during the filming of the scenes of course, because some scenes can be dangerous and sometimes can not be performed at his age, which is normal for most actors at his age, with few exceptions like Tom Cruise or Jackie Chan :)

During the training for these fighting scenes, Keanu looks fit when practicing the fighting techniques with the stunts in the Dojo, This is what makes the scenes look real in the film.

Probably, John Wick film is one of the films that looks very real and you can not much fiction in it.

Keanu Reeves is not only an action movie star but also someone who likes martial arts, and we have seen him in many martial arts movies.

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