The WTF won't stop trying till you wear their design

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 It seems that the WTF (World Taekwondo Federation) will never give up trying to impose it ideas of ballets uniforms to be used for Taekwondo Kyorugi (Sparring). The WTF (WT) tried many designs in these last eight years and all of them were rejected by the majority of the Taekwondo community in all the world. 

Even though the WTF used pro and elite athletes to promote those designs but the Taekwondo community did not like them at all for many reasons:

Taekwondo practitioners like the traditional uniform we call Dobok and they do not want to replace it by those tight leggings.

Those proposed designs would show more the shape of athletes especially female athletes, Which would take Taekwondo from a martial art to something closer to teasing the audience.

We have made many petitions to reject those projects but it looks like the WTF can not stop taking us back to the same thing.

Some people would explain this as a pure business matter, but it does not really looks like it is about money only, and it seems that there a will to change the face a Taekwondo to something else, not like ballet as some people say, because ballet is good as a sports.

We worry that Taekwondo would not be Ballet 100% and won't be a martial art 100%, It would be something between the two.

We just hope that the WTF listen to the Taekwondo practitioners in the world, because they are the main reason why Taekwondo is more popular than many other martial arts and even those that were created before the Korean style.

We do have respect to all the leaders working for the WTF, but we have a question, Is there any voice that can go against these type of projects that would automatically cause damage to Taekwondo? Are they really there to help promoting the real martial art of just to say yes for whatever comes from above??

Here are few examples of proposed Taekwondo uniforms for the Tokyo Taekwondo Olympic games 2021.

Feel free to share  your thoughts about this news.

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