Cynthia Rothrock from 8 to 64

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Th article of today will take us to Cynthia Rothrock. A few Days ago We have posted an article about her days of competition before joining the cinema and movies of martial arts. Cynthia Rothrock is holding the rank of  8th Dan grand master in Taekwondo (Tang Soo Do), but she competed in Kung Fu forms and earned many titles.
Cynthia Rothrok is 64 years old now, she was born on March 8, 1957 in Wilmington, She started martial arts at the age of 13 (1970), after 13 years she became a member on Ernie Reyes demonstration Team at the age of 26 years old.
The topic of our article today is about her transformation. 
Cynthia still looks great at her age, beautiful and flexible. 
For those who watched her movies in eighties or nineties, they would remember that she was performing very flexible kicks such as the scorpion kick of wet can call it that make. The 64 years old Cynthia still has a nice flexibility, and does not show big signs that normally appear in most people when they reach their 60s.
People are different and everyone has their lifestyle. Some people are lucky to have good genes which help them to get older beautifully. The lifestyle is also very important, and if it's connected directly to many important factors :
- Nutrition:
The food is a very important factor that keeps people in good shape and also healthy in general.
- Daily habits:
Bad habits such as smoking, drugs or alcohol would have a dramatic effect on the health.
In the other hand, exercising and sleeping enough would have a good effect on people.
- Stress:
We live in a stressful life, everyone agrees on that, but everyone of us has a way to deal with it, Some people surrender to stress while others know how to fight the stress.
Back to Cynthia, to be honest, we do not have an idea if there is any secret but we do know that she was and still a Taekwondo practitioner :)


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