The most powerful knockout in the Pandemic

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Is the old Taekwondo kyorugi coming back? Will this stop the front leg stylists? 

To answer this questions we do have to wait a little bit and see the future championships and see if there is any big change coming, I mean if there is something taking us back to the old gold  days of Taekwondo kyurugi. 

 It seems that some Taekwondo fighters who are still competing nowadays are not fans of the touch kicks, and they might be mixing between the traditional Taekwondo training and the new Olympic style. 

In these last years you can't watch a Taekwondo fight without noticing the big use of the front leg, and it is one of the reasons that made other Martial arts practitioners describe Taekwondo as fencing, because the fighters are using their legs in a way that makes them look like fencing. This is of course insulting for us as a Taekwondo community. But what should we do? The image of Taekwondo is presented through the world championships and the Olympic games.

Using the front leg is always fast to reach the opponent, but the negative point is that you don't expect much power from it compared to the kicks that come from the back leg. 

We came a cross this video of this knockout and thought to share it with you, The red corner performed a light round house kick using his front leg, and the response was not light as the attack, The blue corner response was fast through a strong kick to the head. The kick was very loud and it is heard in that video. We hope the red corner fighter is okay.

It was a long time since we have seen knockouts in Taekwondo competitions, for sure the Korean style competitions are safer than ever, but we think that many practitioners do not want to see their martial art this way..

Many people want to see the martial art not the sport.

What do you think about this knockout?