UFC Champion Frank Shamrock Was Hiding A Humiliating Secret

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Childhood is a very critical period that has a big impact on how life would be in the future. Hard childhood can make you a warrior as it can turn you to a criminal or an unstable person.

many kids around the world suffer from abuse in their homes, in schools or in the streets, and it does not matter the religion or beliefs of the society, and these negative behaviors can happen anywhere. The good thing is that some kids can get over many kinds of abuses if they find the guidance and support from somebody, and only a few can succeed to to do that by themselves, but the sad part is that most people do not forget what happened in the past, and the wounds may remain for a long time or for good, and it would hurt once remembered.

Every person may experience a a type of abuse in their life, because we do not live with angles, and humans do a lot of mistakes and terrible behaviors toward kids, the different thing is that there are degrees of abuse, some are forgotten easily and others stay like a thistle inside the heart.

There are many successful people in the world that experienced terrible abuses during their childhood and turned those terrible experiences in to real success.

Today we have a guest who went through a experience of abuse and became a legendary fighter in the mixed martial arts competition. Our guest is Frank Shamrock, born as  Frank Alisio Juarez in 1972 in Santa Monica, California in the  United States. His teachers are Ken Shamrock, Maurice Smith and Javier Mendez. Frank hold a 7th Dan in a martial art they call Submission fighting. He was article between 1994 and 2010, and he hold a record of 35 fights in the mixed martial arts with 23 wins (5 knock outs, 13 submission, 5 decision), and 10 losses (4 knockouts, 2 submission, 3 decision, 1 disqualification) and two draws.  

Frank Shamrock had a very emotional interview where he was talking about abuse and humiliations during his childhood, and he had to stop few times to cry.

Frank Shamrock is now 48 years old and the experience he was talk about happened about 40 years ago, but remembering that still hurt and made him cry during the interview, this says a lot about this terrible experience.

Let's watch the interview