Transformation of JCVD from 1 to 57 years old

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 Jean Claude Van-Damme is a well known face in martial arts films since the mid eighties, and he was one of the iconic artists that introduced the martial arts in a very attractive way to the young generation in that ear, especially the teens whom have goals to be the strongest kid in the neighborhood or in the school, and i personally remember that we were fascinated by the old movies of the iconic Bruce Lee, and everyone of us wanted to be like him, which is impossible of course, not because he reached the highest level in martial arts, but everyone has their own path and we can not be copies of each other. We were also attracted to Jean Claude and fascinated by his flexibility in movies, and how he was very comfortable to perform high kicks and have such amazing control on his kicks, It is true that those movies were motivating us a lot and pushing us to do train the same way the hero was training in the movie, but the negative part in all that was that not everything in the movies was correct as a way of training, and I remember here an example of stretching  in JCVD movies, and I would to mention that way when his master did to force him do the split was just insane, and it is the best way to cause a serious injury.

Besides that, the good in those films in much more than the negative things, at least they helped us to choose sports and martial arts instead of drugs and cigarettes and so on.. even though the man who inspired us failed in that part, and he fell in drug use in nineties, because of too much stress in 90s while working on his films, Jean Claude was consuming 10 grams of Cocaine daily, and up to 10,000 $ per week of cocaine. This is a bit shocking for me when i did read that. How come the man who influenced millions of people to start martial arts fell  to get a way from drugs?

The world of movies and cinema is not easy at all and what we see in the movie has nothing to do with actors real life.

Here is a short video of Jean Claude Van-Damme transformation since the age one to 57 years old.

Jean-Claude Camille François Van Varenberg was born on October 18, 1960, in Berchem-Sainte-Agathe, Brussels, Belgium. A skinny child, he began studying Shotokan karate at age 11, and also eagerly took to weightlifting and ballet.