8 months pregnant competitor won a Gold medal in a National competition in Senegal

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 For some women pregnancy period can be very tough and challenging, because everything is changing in her body and emotional state, They can struggle each day with dizziness and vomiting al the day, which makes her life completely different, but some women  can be lucky not to have all these struggles, and we have posted lately about a pregnant Taekwondo athlete who still practice Taekwondo at her 8th month pregnancy.

This amazing pregnant lady has won a gold medal at the national Sports Festival that is held each two years in Nigeria.

The eight months pregnant Aminat Idrees has done an impressive job and won in the Mixed Poomsae category in Taekwondo, which is really inspiring for both women and men.

Aminat Idress was training before pregnancy which made it normal for her to keep training during her pregnancy.

Aminat performed the Poomsae Taegeuk Pal Jang during the individual Poomsae competition, he performance was quite good despite some few mistakes, besides that, we can see that she is very flexible and her kicks are nice, Her pregnancy weight also did not obstruct her jumping front kicks in the 8th Poomsae.

She also won Silver in the female team Poomsae category  and an individual bronze in the same category making her one of the leading medalists at the festival.

Some people did not like that a pregnant lady competes while others see that very inspiring.

Let's see some of the negative comments:

''This people who allowed her to participate are ritualist. This is nonsense''

''This rather Sickening than Inspiring.''

''If you are seeing this and you going about how strong a woman is, you is a fool

The organizers that allowed this happen are mad

The woman herself is mad and she needs someone to tell her

What in fucks name is she trying to prove

There is breaking the barrier and then stupidity''

No matter the critics we can see on the social media, but the truth is that only Aminat and her doctor know what she can or can not do, and She is the only one responsible about her decisions.

Besides, the Poomsae competition is not similar to sparring competition that requires the contact between the competitors, and we can say it is the safest competition category in Taekwondo.

What do you guys think about this lovely lady?

feel free to share your thoughts with us :)


         By master Hamael