This boxer used MMA techniques against this referee (Knockout)

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They call it the noble art but unfortunately not everyone is taking the philosophy of martial arts seriously, and many do not know about that part at all. The martial arts do not contain the fighting techniques only but also a educational part that helps to correct the behavior of people and even sometimes manage their anger.
The philosophy of martial arts looks like the hidden part of the Iceberg, and most schools of martial arts neglect that important part. Teaching people how to fight, how to be terminators without any values is just incomplete mission, and no wonder that criminals and murders can be good at using the techniques of martial arts.  
  Teaching martial arts to people without educating them is similar to giving a weapon to someone without limiting the use of that weapon. 
Let's stick to our topic today, We have seen many incidents in boxing fights and events, boxers against each other and boxing against the referees.
In our article today we are going to talk about the violence against referees which is happening in many competitive martial arts and sports and Taekwondo is one of them, we all remember the dramatic incidents that happened against the Swedish Taekwondo Referee Shakir Chelbat during the Taekwondo Olympic Games, when the Cuban athlete Matos hit him when he was declared disqualified.
The fight was going on and the blue corner was attacking the red corner, suddenly he stopped the fight and started counting the red corner fighter, i personally did not see that the red red got any serious punch and he does not look like someone with knock downs signs. The boxer seems to be surprised by the decision of the referee when he started counting.
The athlete kept his guard up while the referee was counting, and when he reached 10 he just stopped the fight.
In Boxing traditions, the referees do few things to make sure that the boxer is able to continue the fight or not, for example when they count they touch the gloves of the fighter to see if there is any power there, the referee in this fight did not do that. besides that the referees move backward from the athlete and ask them to come straight toward them to check if they have balance or not, It is similar to checking alcohol effect in drunken drivers :)
After declaring the blue corner a winner of this fight, the red corner came toward the referee and started punching him till he fell on the ring then he started applying an MMA fight style on him, and the referee was lucky they saved him, but for sure he was hurt.
What do you personally thing about this??

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