Bruce Lee rare demonstration in 1964

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This is a very rare demonstration of Bruce Lee in 1964, aged of 24 years old at that time. Bruce Lee was still practicing Wing Chun before founding his own martial art called Jeet Kun Do.
After his fight with Wong Jack man, Bruce Lee thought that he needs to do some researches to create something different, one year after that fight, Lee started the first steps to create Jeet Kune Do.
Lee has many interesting quotes such as: ''Be water my friend'' , which means that you should not have a certain style but to have the shape needed for each situation.
No matter the success that Bruce Lee had during his cinema movies and his iconic image in the world, in my person opinion, his own creation and the martial art he created and named Jeet Kune Do did not really got the success if we compare it to other martial arts, and when I say success I really do not mean the effective side but I mean the population that practice the style. 
For example Taekwondo was created less than 10 years before Jeet Kune Do, but the records say that over 10 millions are holding black belts in Taekwondo.
We can explain that success by one main reason, which that Taekwondo was officially adopted by its mother land country Korea, but JKD was not adopted as a national sport by any country.
Let's go back to our short video :)
Lee's movements and techniques were super fast, and unfortunately the technology of cameras were not that developed as we have nowadays.     
We can not confirm the speed of Bruce Lee's footage because its speed could have been edited, but we do believe that people who witnessed and lived in Bruce Lee's era said that he was super fast compared to other martial artists.
Moreover, there is a video that made us see his speed clearly, when he was throwing a punch toward a Karate master named Vic Moore in 1967 . Bruce Lee,  proved at least that he was too faster than Vic reaction and that video is one of the proves that anyone can watch on the Internet.