Taekwondo vs Kickboxer back kick knock down

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 It has been a long time  that we did not post about new fights that include taekwondo fighters, and most of the videos that we shared with you on our website are about older fights, but today we are here to share a recent video with you between a Taekwondo athlete and a kickboxing athlete.

Taekwondo fighter is Laura Nitler from Poland and holding the first degree black belt in ITF Taekwondo. She is a flexible athlete and it helping her to perform kicks in her fights comfortably. We have seen her fighting against a fighter representing Sanda (Kung Fu style) and she has done well.

For those who do not know much about ITF style, it is Taekwondo that was founded officially by the general Choi Hong Hi in mid fifties, and who founded the International Taekwondo federation after he left South Korea.

The good part about the ITF Taekwondo is that it kept its tradition and did not follow the steps the WT (WTF; World Taekwondo Federation) Taekwondo, ITF is not changing much in their competition as the WT is doing. But even many schools under the WT are still keeping the tradition and saving the old ways of training.

No matter if it was a ITF or WTF, Taekwondo is a full contact martial art that contains effective kicking techniques. With the big changes that we see happening on the WTF style, but still we can not judge it as a weak style, because we have mentioned before, there many schools that still teach the traditional art of combat in their dojangs. 

In my humble opinion there two factors that really kill the tradition in Taekwondo, the business and politics.

The more the WT organization need money, the more they invent new toys and equipment for Taekwondo each year, and the goal to make Taekwondo different than other ''Japanese'' styles push them to keep doing changes.

Back to our main video of the day :)

The Polish Taekwondo fighter Laura (25 years old) fought in a kickboxing competition against a kickboxer. Laura managed to end her fight by a knock down in only fifty seconds. Laura used a back kick to the stomach of her opponent, we call it Dwit Chagi in Taekwondo (Korean language). Her opponent could not continue fighting, and Laura was declared as a winner of this match.

What do you guys think about this fight? Feel free to share your thoughts with us.