The king of the Nunchaku

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Many martial artists have demonstrated the nunchaku skill in movies and also in demonstrations, but honestly no one had succeeded to do it as Bruce lee did in his movies, the speed and the application of nunchaku techniques on his enemies (in the movies) was exceptional, also the use of two nunchakus at the same time was very impressive.

The nunchaku is not an easy weapon to use, because it can cause serious damage to the person using it, and mastering the art of the nunchaku requires time and patience, because you may hit your body while training on it.

It is advised to use soft nunchakus in training before moving to the wooden one, this way the training will be with less pain, at least in the beginning of the learning process.

The Nunchaku was used by Bruce Lee in most of his movies, especially Enter the Dragon, Return of the Dragon and also Game of Death.

In Game of Death, Lee was using a Nunchaku that was connected by a rope instead of a metal chain as in the other movies, and he was against his student and training partner Dan Inosanto.

What makes Bruce Lee amazing while using his Nunchakus is not the skill and the techniques only, but also the sounds he was making during the performance, that made Bruce Lee unique in his style compared to any martial artist else, He succeeded to make his own style and school, and when you watch movies, you can not simply say that he looks like someone, or that he is trying to imitate someone. Lee was an icon in martial arts movies and that was not an easy to reach that level, especially that Bruce Lee went to the US when many people have an inferior idea about the Chinese and Asian people in general, and also the racism was too much compared to nowadays, and dark skin people were still suffering because of their skin.

hmm I went far a way from our topic, let's get back to the Nunchaku :)

We have found a nice video that shows Bruce Lee using his Nunchaku in few movies, Let's watch and enjoy :)