XU XIAODONG destroys a tai Chi master in 10 seconds

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 The topic of mixed martial arts fights is an attractive topic and people are always curious to check which style is better or effective than the other. I personally do not adopt this idea that a martial art is better than another because it is always about the fighter himself or her self.

You can practice the most effective martial art and lose a fight against someone who is not doing martial arts at at all, It is simply about how the person is mastering the fighting techniques he practiced and about their warrior spirit.

When we are talking about traditional martial arts we should make difference between two major divisions.

1- martial arts created for pure combats 

2- Styles that were created for physical fitness with some fighting techniques.

Most of the traditional martial arts were created in China but we should not neglect the other countries such as India, Thailand...

Today the art we are going to talk about is originated from China.

Tai Chi or Tai Chi Chuan or Tàijí quán is a traditional Chinese martial art that was founded hundreds of years ago, and it was added to the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists in 2020 for China.

Chinese people consider this style as a treasure and they do their best to preserve it, but there is someone who wants to prove that the traditional Chinese martial arts are fake and can not be compared to modern martial arts in their effectiveness.

 XU XIAODONG in a Chinese mixed martial artist and he has a mission to expose the fake traditional martial arts, and because of that he is facing many issues in China, and we have heard that they did forbid him from using social media platforms.

Xu is back again with this fight against a Tai Chi master called Chen Long. I am not sure if the Chinese authorities allowed that fight or not but it happened anyway :)

As expected Xu Xiaodong finished this Tai Chi master in 10 seconds only when he punched him to the face.

I am just wondering why would these ''masters'' accept this challenges if they are not ready to have real fights.

What do you personally think about the traditional martial arts? Can they be effective as the modern fighting styles? 

Feel free to share your opinions and thoughts with us.