A South Korean Taekwondo fighter vs a Japanese Judo fighter

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The difference between striking martial arts and wrestling styles is simply too big, because each one of these ways of fighting has very different techniques and strategies. 

Some styles have striking and wrestling techniques such as the Korean martial art Hapkido for example, but to be honest abut something, being specialized in a certain field is something else, and we wont compare the wrestling part in Hapkido to the one in Judo for example.

Some would ask the famous question: Which styles are better? striking styles or wrestling styles?

The answer would simply be no one is better than another, but only the fighter can make the difference, and if you can take your opponent to your comfortable zone which your styles then you would beat them up, and the opposite would happen if your opponents takes you to their zone of fighting.

a striking fighter should give an opportunity to their opponent to go to a ground wrestling, which means that you should be standing on your feet as a striker.

The Japanese martial art Judo is a very impressive and effective style even when compared to Brazilian Jiujitsu, because Judo is also strong in a standing position while BJJ is used better on the ground.  

The Korean martial art contains impressive and amazing effective kicks, fast and powerful but it does not contain wrestling techniques such as Hapkido for example.

We came across one video between a Judo fighter and a Taekwondo fighter, the first is from Japan and the second is from South Korea :) it seems like a challenge between the Korean and the Japanese school :)

The Korean fighter threw some kicks to the body, followed by some knees and boxing, and the Japanese fighter was waiting for the right time to take him to the ground, when they went to the ground the Japanese fighter managed to win the the fight by submission, he almost broke the knee of the Taekwondo guy.

The size of both fighters is a bit different, and the Japanese guy looks bigger compared to the Korean, that is not an excuse but it does matter for sure, especially when using wrestling or submissions techniques.

Some people would be asking, why are we publishing this kind of content where Taekwondo guys are beaten, the answer is simple, let's find our weak points and let's correct the damage that happened to our loved Taekwondo.

Watch this fight and let us know what was missing in the Taekwondo side. Feel free to share your thoughts with us.