Floyed Mayweather SR (59 YO) vs Charlie Zelenoff (23)

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  Floyd Mayweather (59 years here) vs Charlie Zelenoff (23 years old) 
The videos of this crazy young man or kid went viral because of his abuse over people who can not fight or who never put gloves on their hands. This person who pretends to be a boxing champion proposes a friendly boxing match and when his victims accept, then he start to be too violent with them. We have seen many videos where he was punching his victims to the head, It seems clear that he needs a win in his life, probably because he has none.
What he was doing was abuse and aggression. This kid could have been abused before or had a terrible life as a kid, this is how we can explain his behavior, because a normal raised and well educated kid won't do this stupid and ugly acts. To enjoy beating people in unfair matches is too sick and psychopathic.
In the other hand, This Charlie seems to have some courage to accept challenges or challenge real champions, but once he runs away when he starts receiving painful punches.
There is one more fight that he had against a Floyd Mayweather Sr who is former professional champion and actually a boxing trainer, He had a boxing record of 35 fights, 28 wins (18 by knockout), He lost 6 fights and one draw. 
We really do not know who had organized this fight but it looked to be held in the training center where Floyd Mayweather Sr trains.
Charlie was 23 years old at the time while Mayweather was 59 years old, which 36 years of difference between the two, but we we can see on the video, the skill is there, the good defense is there and also the good punches. He made Charlie leave the ring, but when Mayweather turned his back, this kid Charlie came back to the ring to attack Floyed from his back. That gave a dirty end to this fight. This stupid act of Charlie did upset one of Floyed trainees there and punched him several punches. 
Let's watch this