Kicking during pregnancy (35 weeks)

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  Exercising is very important for all people including the pregnant ladies, but the effort should not be the same. Some say that the pregnant lady can keep doing the same exercises she was doing before pregnancy during the first trimester  (1 to 13 weeks), but she should make sure she wont fall, being hit by someone like in martial arts in general, and also avoid getting too hot (elevating her temperature). Women who are not used to exercise can start exercising but they should go step by step and be gentle.    

Sickness happening during the early pregnancy can change the mood too much, and the lady may not have any desire to eat nor to exercise. Vomiting can cause dehydration if the woman is not paying attention to her water intake and liquids during the day. Doctors advice pregnant women to drink eight ounce glasses of water per day, and this should be increased to thirteen during the breastfeeding.

It is advised that the pregnant woman exercise 30 minutes and five times a week or 150 minutes per week, with the respect of course of the safety precautions.  

So what should the woman avoid during the pregnancy?

Here are few sports to avoid:

- Any activity that has a risk of falling or any abdominal injury (Ice skating, skiing, horseback riding, contact sports, gymnastics ...) 

- Altitude change

- exercises that involve laying flat on the back

- sports in hot weather

- sports that involve bouncing and jumping.

- holding the breath  

Let's go to the main important question in this article :)

Is it safe to practice martial arts during pregnancy?

The practice of martial arts or Taekwondo can be safe for the pregnant women, but they should avoid the contact sparring because any accidental kick in the belly can be so dangerous for the mother and the baby. This is why is advice to let know people training with you that you are pregnant, This way they will be careful during the class, and they will avoid doing anything that may have risks on your pregnancy.

Today, we have a lovely guest and a real fan of Taekwondo, and we are going to share her video with you, She is pregnant is her 35 weeks now. In the video she is practicing some kicks on the bag, It is good that she is training gently and avoiding jerky motions.

                                    Emely before pregnancy

Emely was always practicing Taekwondo during her pregnancy, and it is good to see that she is healthy and keeping some activity of what she likes.

This is her account on Instagram 👇