Buwakaw losing against a non experienced fighter COMPARED TO HIM in a bloody fight

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 Muay Thai is a real martial art and one of those styles that kept the tradition for so long, and we do not see the organizations ruling Muay Thai making fundamental similar to those we see in Taekwondo.
Muay Thai is a traditional and old martial art, known for the use the eight human natural weapons, fists, elbows, knees and feet.
No gears except the groin protector is also what makes the competition tough,  and fighters must be ready physically because they step on the ring.
Buwakaw is one of the most impressive fighters in Muay Thai competition and known for his unique style in the ring, and he has won against very strong opponents, but none is invincible.
We have posted an article before about one the fights that he lost be knock out, and today we want to share with you another fight that he lost by points.
The special thing in this fight is that it was a very bloody fight, and we can see Buwakaw covered by blood.
The two fighters deserves much respect and no matter who wins the fight, both did their best.
The other fighter is this amazing fight was a Russian fighter called Khayal Dzhaniev. This fight was held July 28, 2015.
Before meeting Buakaw, Khayal did only 6 pro Muay Thai fights, He won 4 fights and lost two. While Buwakaw had over 100 fights record at the time -_- 
About their age, Khayal was 22 years old at the time while Buakaw was 33 years old, a difference of 11 years between the two.
We can not make a comparison between the records of both fighters because legendary fighter of Buwakaw has a very impressive record of fights, this is what makes us wonder how he was beaten by a fighter who had only few fights before meeting him.


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