Jet Li | Transformation From 3 To 56 Years Old

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Jet Li is a well known star in martial arts movies and has millions of followers and fans in all the world, he was and still an inspiration for many martial artists.

Before going to movies, Li was a competitor in Kung Fu and had won many gold medals, and represented China in a Kung world Tour and demonstrated his skill in the United States in front of the president Nixon.

His real name is Li Lianjie, was born 26 April 1963 in Beijing, He is a film actor, film producer and  martial artist.

Jet Li started early in movies at the age of 19 years old and did great movies. The Chinese star wasn't active in these late years because he had some health issues as we have mentioned recently in an article, and he looked too old for his age, fortunately his case is not too serious, and he can get over that through a good diet.

The last movie he worked in was Mulan but it was not the kind of roles where we used to see Jet Li, probably because of his health and probably because it was his role in the movie. Before that we saw him in a short film with Jack Ma (Ali Baba owner).

People change through the years and none can avoid that, but some people can grow up and get older beautifully, while some others can have dramatic changes that can be cause by sickness or genes.

Today we are going to share with you a video that shows Jet Li's transformation from 3 to 56 years old.

The big shocking changes started in his late 40s and especially after reaching his fifties.

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