The worst famous incident of the UFC- Anderson Silva broken leg -_-

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The article today will take us to the most famous UFC incident that happened inside the octagon, We honestly were hesitant to talk about this topic because just thinking about it is shocking.

Injuries happen in all martial arts and even non combat sports and there are injuries that can be a bit normal because of seeing them a lot. Even in Football we can see daily the injuries that happen because of the contact between players, only a few of them can be too violent.

Let's get back to martial arts :)

The fighting styles are known for the powerful contact between fighters which sometimes lead to severe injuries, knockouts and knock downs, and sometimes can lead to more than that.

Most martial arts such as Taekwondo has adopted many strategies to protect the athletes during the fights, and they have introduced many gears especially to the most sensitive and exposed organ which head and they adopted the helmet to protect the head or at least decrease the power of kicks. There are also more gears so as shin & arm gears, groin gear and chest protector as well.

In the MMA competition, things are much different and athletes have only two gears that protect the groin and also the teeth.

This says a lot about the competition and wearing those small gloves makes the punches cause more damage compared to the big ones such as in boxing.

The accident of today is not caused by a punch but it was something completely different.

the hero of our article is the amazing fighter Anderson Silva from Brazil and who was aged of 38 years old at the time.

In July 6, 2013 Silva lost a fight by a knockout against Chris Weidman who was 29 years old at the time.

Before this first fight between them, Silva had already a big record and huge experience and MMA, and did already 37 fight before meeting Chris.

Chris at the time had only 9 fights in the MMA competition.

After six months from that fight, Anderson Silva will have the worst nightmare than being knocked out by punches, He has broken his leg he did a low kick and hit the knee of Chris  Weidman.

The images of the video is just shocking and not anyone can watch it.

This is probably the most famous incident that happened in the UFC competition.

You can check the video if you can see this  -_-

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