Taekwondo vs other martial art (Knock down)

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            No matter the critics we hear about Taekwondo in these last years, but the Korean martial art is known for its effectiveness, and we can not judge a style through what we see in the Olympic style competition. 
The traditional taekwondo is much different than we see in today's competitions, and the new generation did not have the change to compete during the golden era of Taekwondo, when the fights were more powerful than nowadays, that was the reason why we had many knockouts and knock downs at the time.
Recently, many championships do not record any knockouts or knock downs, which say a lot about the quality of the athletes. I am not trying to say that athletes nowadays are not hard workers, well they are doing hard work and training much and they are following hard diets under specialists which make them physically fit. 
When we say FIT we do not mean strong, because you can be a fit human being but not too strong.
With the new rules that changed the face of Taekwondo, it seems like athletes are training so hard to produce a soft Taekwondo competition, sorry about that word :)
The fight of today between a Taekwondo fighter and another style in the octagon, but we are not sure which style he is practicing.
We can not say that this is an MMA fight because there is no ground fighting, and the referee stops the fight whenever a fighter falls down.
The taekwondo fighter looks so comfortable and practicing his techniques and kicking his opponent on the head without any issues. We can see clearly that the level of the other fighter is not good, and he does not look good in kicks, he performed only few low kicks and punches, but most of the time he was receiving head kicks from the Taekwondo fighter.
Our Taekwondo guy here succeeded to perform effective kicks including some strong back kicks.
Let's watch the fight and feel free to share opinions and thoughts about this fight.

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