On the steps of Pro Taekwondo, Karate combat could be the new face of Karate

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It seems that Karate succeeded where Taekwondo could not. We do remember that a competition appeared lately under the name of pro Taekwondo, where athletes were competing with only Taekwondo uniforms without any gears that we see in Olympic Taekwondo such as head gear, chest protector, shin and arm guards. 

It looked entertaining also powerful than the Olympic style we watch nowadays, and we also posted few fights of some athletes who used to do Taekwondo and competed in pro Taekwondo, such as the amazing  Daniels Raymond who holds the rank of 6th Dan in the Korean martial art.

Unfortunately this competition stopped for reasons we really do not know, It could be possibly because of sponsorship, but it is a guess only. 

Let's get back to our main typic, they call it Karate combat competition. 

Athletes in this competition are originally from Shotokan Karate. 

For people who do not know much about the Shotokan Karate competition, it is much different than Taekwondo, and fighters are not allowed to perform full contact kicks or punches and the athlete is getting warnings if they get to violent.

The Karate combat is much different than the Shotokan style, and fighters in this competition are allowed to perform full contact techniques in kicks and punches, and the athletes are wearing gloves that are a bit similar to those used in Shotokan karate competition, and if you watch the fights you will notice clearly that it look like the Full Contact competition (Boxing+ Karate/Taekwondo). 

For the audience this competition looks more entertaining and as a full contact style the knockouts and the knock downs can happen for sure.

Do you think this new Karate competition can be the favorite competition in all karate styles? Or do you think this can have the same future of Pro Taekwondo?

Feel free to share your opinions and thoughts with us, Your opinions do matter.

Let's have a look on a karate combats fight.