This burglar met the wrong guy

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 I do have respect to all martial arts no matter if i like them or not, and as everyone else we prefer some styles over others, But i should admit that i personally like anything that works well in self defense or saving someone's life.

In today's article we are going to have another style that is different than Taekwondo, originally from Japan and adopted in Brazil by Gracie family and formed their own school.

I am sure many people reading this know Bjj or even practice it, and to be honest this article is not a promotion to Bjj at all (I personally do not practice it and i won't, no offense :) )

This guy here who is a black belt in Bjj managed to stop a thief who attacked his father house, and the good thing is that there was not blood there and he succeeded to stop him by a triangle choke and made him completely immobilized :)

This black bet guy looks so thing with no muscles but his technique worked well to save his father and also save the reputation of his black belt.

We do know that it was a shame when someone who did martial arts for a long time has no ability to use what he did learn in years to save himself, but with the new generations and the new teachings and the huge changed that occurred in most martial arts, the styles turned to be sports instead f martial arts. We do not mean all martial arts of course, because some still keep their tradition.

let's watch the video