This soldier surprised his son during Taekwondo class

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The normal thing about every family in general is to stick together, and it is something that all cultures agree about, but sometimes, life is not always as we want it to be, The father can be traveling away and working far from home, which has an effect on the family, we are not talking about the financial part here, but we mean the family relationship and the challenging education of kids while the father is away.

Soldiers are an example of that, they may be working very far away from home and sometimes abroad. 

The story of today's article is about a soldier who has been a way for 10 months deployment to Kuwait, Jordan and Syria. They have planned a good surprise for his son, and this beautiful surprise took place in a Taekwondo dojang named ''Success Martial arts Center''.

Luca (9 YO) , the son of the Army Staff Sgt. Rob Cesternino was in Taekwondo class, he was blindfolded and about to have a sparring, at this time his father came in and started fighting against his son. Luca did not know who he was fighting till he heard the voice of his father, at this time he noticed the voice was not strange to him, so he quickly took of that cloth and jumped on his father.

This video is emotional and for sure it would be very emotional for many people who miss their fathers.

Life is sometimes hard but it is what it is, we can not change many things in it, and we have to accept how things are, especially if we have no ability to change them.

Let's watch the video.