Hwang Jang Lee (Taekwondo 9th Dan) vs Jackie Chan

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In today's article we are going to talk about a well known martial artist who did more than 70 movies. 

Most people in martial arts society think that his first style is Kung Fu, especially that he appeared in many Kung Fu movies, including with the mega super star of martial arts movies Jackie Chan.

Our guest today is the famous grand master Hwang Jang Lee. 

Let's introduce this interesting man first. 

GM Hwang Jang Lee is a Japanese born Korean born in December 21, 1944. He is 77 years old now.

GM Hwang was born in Aomori, Honshu Island, Japan to Korean parents. His family moved back to Korea when he was a baby.

Grand master Hwang Jang Lee started his martial arts journey by practicing Taekwondo at the age of fourteen.

He achieved later the 7th Dan (rank) black belt in Taekwondo. At age 21, Hwang Jang Lee became an instructor of martial arts for the Korean and South Vietnamese Armies in Taekwondo style. 

Grand master Hwang Jang Lee received his 9th Dan black belt in Taekwondo  In January 2003. 

GM Hwang also holds a 9th Dan black belt in Tang Soo Do ''General Federation''.

I do believe that many martial artists do not know much about him, especially that he appeared in martial arts movies as a Kung Fu stylist.

In the martial arts movies where he had roles we can see that he was demonstrating kicks in a good way, besides that he was also using some hands techniques that belong to Kung Fu styles.

Grand master Hwang Jang Lee is well known for his great role as Thunderleg" in 1978's Drunken Master with the super star Jackie Chan. at the time Gm Hwang was thirty four years old, while Jackie Chan was only twenty four years old.

Let's watch this scene between the two :)