Bolo Yeung vs Brandon Lee (Bruce Lee's son)

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Today's article is about two actors in martial arts movies, The first one is Brandon Lee and the second is Bolo Yeung.

Brandon Lee was the first born son of Bruce Lee, born in February 1965 in Oakland, California (US).

He did six movies and did did three works for television, and his active years were between 1986 and 1993, and the most famous film he did was  the Crow.

Unfortunately Brandon Lee had a tragic accident and passed away too young at the age of twenty eight years old, and the most shocking fact is that  his tragic death happened during the production of his film the Crow in 1993.

The other star is the famous Bolo Yeung is a Chinese martial artist, born in 3 July 1946.

He has done over 80 films and he was well known for two great roles he did with Bruce Lee and Jean Claude Van Damme, He appeared with Bruce Lee in Enter Dragon as Bolo in 1973. After 15 years he had an amazing role of the bad guy with Jean Claude Van Damme in Blood sport and he appeared as Chong Li.  Bolo Yeung was only 27 years old when he did the movie with the Icon Bruce lee, and at the time Brandon Lee was only eight years old. After 13 years Bolo 40 at the time appeared in the movie Legacy of Rage with the 21 years old Brandon Lee in 1986.

The two had a fighting scene and let's be honest, that fight was a bit disappointing because it did not show much about the scary Bolo Yeung but it showed his as a regular guy to be beaten in a movie. The scene was too short and Brandon Lee just beat him in few moments.

What do you guys think about the appearance of Bolo Yeung in Legacy of Rage? I personally think that it was not fair that Bolo was given that tinny role.