Day of revenge/ Andy Hug vs Pat Smith

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We have posted an article before about Andy Hug and pat smith that was held in April 30, 1994. and we have received many comments about that knockout, and many of our followers did not accept it as a knockout and thought that Andy Hug could stand up again and continue fighting, But the way Pat knocked him down twice in few seconds between the two.

The referee had to stop the fight because the safety of the fighters comes first, but the fans sometimes do not care about the safety of their favorite athlete the way that the referees do.

After five months from that fight in September 18, 1994, Andy Hug had the chance for a rematch and for revenge.

In the first fight, Pat finished the fight against Andy Hug in only 19 seconds, which says a lot about Pat Smith.

As we have mentioned in our last article, Pat Smith was holding a Taekwondo 3rd Dan black belt and he was an impressive fighter.

in the day of the rematch, Andy Hug succeeded to knockout his opponent Pat Smith in one minute after a strong knee to the head.

Unfortunately both Andy Hug and Pat Smith are not here anymore. 

I do believe that most people would agree that the knockout of Andy Hug was a real one and better than the one of Pat Smith, especially that Andy put Pat smith to sleep by a real knockout, while Andy Hug did stand up  when he was knocked down by Pat.

What do you think about that? Which knockout or knock down do you prefer between the two?

Your opinions do matter :)