The fighter who beat them all: Royler Gracie , Royce Gracie, Renzo Gracie and Ryan Gracie

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The story between the Japanese Sakuraba and the Brazilian fighters started in 1999 when the Japanese met Vitor Belfort who was a Brazilian Jiujitsu black belt and beat him.

The fight against Gracie family started when the Japanese met  Royler Gracie who was 30 pounds lighter.

Kazushi Sakuraba used a kimura technique against which made the referee stopped the fight. The Gracie did not accept the fact that the referee stopped the fight because  Royler Gracie did not want to surrender yet.

Kazushi Sakuraba challenged Rickson Gracie to a fight, but the Brazilian did not accept.

In 2000, the Japanese fighter Sakuraba had an important fight against one of the best BJJ fighters, It was against Royce Gracie.

The Japanese fighter was too calm even in hard times. The Brazilian Royce Gracie was fighting with his kimono on, and the Japanese Sakuraba used it against him in a great way.

After the sixth round Royce Gracie refused to continue, maybe he thought that the Japanese fighter is simply much better and stronger, and probably that was the best solution to avoid the worst.

  After that fight Sakuraba became a Japanese national hero :)

Kazushi Sakuraba proved that he can win a confrontation according to the BJJ rules and Gracie rules.

Sakuraba made fun of Royce Gracie and used his Gi in a way that made the audience laugh.

This fight took one hour and half which just a lot for any martial artist, and the most amazing thing is that Sakuraba went to another fight in the same evening against Igor Vovchanchyn who was 44 pounds heavier than him. but unfortunately he could not continue fighting because of his stamina, and it is logical to lose against weaker opponent if you were too tired. That evening Sakuraba fought for two hours which make him a real legendary fighter.

This Japanese simply destroyed the myth that many believed in.

He won against Royler Gracie (Nov 21, 1999) , Royce Gracie (May 1, 2000) ,Renzo Gracie (August 27, 2000) and Ryan Gracie (December 23, 2000)


  1. on photo- shitagi garame - underwear upside donw lock-chave de cueca reversa.

  2. Royce was older then. Royce would’ve wiped the floor with SakaPoopoo in his prime !

  3. October 25 ...... he was in his prime and lost . Fair and square .

  4. Jujitsu is for single opponent fight style only. If you meet somebody who knows jujitsu and a good striker you have no match like in this fight. But if you are a good striker you can defend against 2 opponent.