Jean Claude Van Damme smacked the pro mma fighter Cody Garbrandt on his teeth

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The article today will take us to something that happened three years ago in 2017. The two heroes of this event were the super star of martial arts movies Jean Claude Van Damme and one of the mixed martial arts star Cody Garbrandt.

As most of us know Jean Claude Van Damme was a competitor in late 70s before moving to cinema and movies, and he is known for his impressive flexibility and amazing leg workout and control.

Cody Garbrandt is a young fighter aged of 29 years old now, and he hold s a record of 15 professional mixed martial arts fights, he won 12 including 10 by knockouts and two by decision and he lost three fights by knockout.

when this incident happened Jean Claude Van Damme was 57 years old and Cody was 26 years old, which means that JCVD was 31 years older than Cody.

The two were doing a friendly sparring and they seem to have fun till something happened and changed the mood of Cody and he left the gym embarrassed :)

The old Jean Claude Van Damme kicked his favorite fighter on his teeth, and he tried to apologize but it was too late when Jean Claude Van Damme hook kick  hit Cody on the face.

JCVD is not a fighter anymore but as we can see, he still has some good skill and it is probably because he had a good basic training in his childhood.

Mostly men in fifties can not perform the way JCVD does because of age and luck of practice, but again we would say that life style is the main factor that can make people stay young for a long time. For example the super foot Wallace is still a good kicker in his seventies.

Cody probably got mad because he was hit by a man who can be his father age and maybe because he was not expecting the kicks to reach his face.

What do you guys think about the reaction of Cody? was it too much?


  1. garbrandt is a pussy. hardly touched. jcvd looked better than cody in every way.

  2. if you get hit by that ild man you say why you din't invade the kick maybe becaus your not good

  3. Mad about that? Seems to have a high opinion of himself. Wasn't barely a tap. Lame!