A girl beats a male fighter in an MMA fight

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It is always amazing to see the talented female martial artists fighting in the octagon, and we do know that you should be brave to fight under the mixed martial arts competition rules.

When it comes to a mixed gender fight, most people think that the men are superiors to women, and men were created stronger than women, it is something from the nature and we do not have to explain more about it, but the exceptions can happen when women train hard and try to move to the next level of competing against men.

In most martial arts schools, women are training against male partners to  to improve their fighting style and also power.

We came across this video where this girl here is having a fight against a male, This kind of fights are not legal or authorized everywhere, but here we have one and this seems to be somewhere in Russia.

This brave girl is fighting inside the octagon like a tigress and she even made this male fighter bleed.

People have different opinions about this kind of fights, but most are against these male-woman fights.

This mixed fights can cause injuries to women because men are naturally superior physically than women, and we hope they wont allow these fights to protect female fighters.

We have posted before about a female famous kickboxer who had a fight against a male fighter, and that fight ended up by knocking out the female fighter.

We are not trying to lessen the female fighters, but we simply warn about the consequences that could happen during the fights .

What do you guys think about this? Do you support the fights where women fight against men?

Feel free to share your opinions and thoughts with us. Your opinions do matter.


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  1. It is a no win situation for the guy whether he wins or loses in a fight against a girl.