Pat Smith destroyed Andy hug

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The article of today is about two amazing athletes in the world of kickboxing, and the amazing thing is that both fighters are coming from different martial arts back grounds, Before moving to the main fight between the two fighters, let's introduce them briefly so that you get an idea about the level of these two legendary fighters.

Our guests are the famous Andy Hug from Swiss and the American impressive fighter Patrick Smith, Patrick is one year older than Andy, born in August 28, 1963, while Andy Hug was born September 7, 1964.

Pat weight was 10 kg and his height was 188 cm, and Andy was 97 kg and height was 180 cm.

Both fighters had an impressive record in martial arts competition.

Patrick Smith  had 18 fights in boxing, 74 fights in kickboxing and 37 fights in mixed martial arts, while Andy Hug had a record of 47 fights in kickboxing.

Andy Hug comes from a Kyukushin Karate background before moving to Seidokaikan then to Kickboxing.

After making  a small search we found out that Patrick was a Taekwondo black belt 3rd Dan, and also holding a black belt in Tang Soo Do (Other form of Taakwondo) and Hapkido and Kenpo.

Andy Hug was known for his impressive kicks especially the axe Kick (Neryo chagi in Taekwondo).

The fight between the two fighters was a bit shocking because it ended so fast, and Patrick Smith succeeded to knock out his opponent Andy in only 19 seconds in the first round, which the fastest knockout ever for Andy.

Patrick did not give a chance to Andy to fight, and he just finished him him so fast.

Unfortunately both the two legendary fighters passed away, Andy Hug passed a way too young at the age of 35 years old in 2000, while Patrick Smith passed away at the age of 55 years old in 2019.

Let's watch this fight.