Taekwondo and Karate self defense

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The best thing that can ever happen between different martial arts is the non existence of politics effects on them.
We do know that most martial arts were adopted by many countries and most countries are using their styles for certain purposes that are far from the real spirit of martial arts, and sometimes it is a way to prove the superiority over the other nations.
The two styles we have in today's article are Taekwondo and Karate.
The first is Korean and the second is Japanese, and for those who know a bit about the Korean and Japan history would know about the old conflicts.
Besides that, we can not neglect the huge influence of Japanese martial arts especially Karate over the Korean Kwans.
Most the Korean founders of the kwans were students of Japanese masters and most of them earned Karate black belts and Dan under famous Japanese grand masters such as Geshin Funakoshi.
For those who do not know what is the Kwan, we would just explain that briefly. The Kwan is the school, and the Korean first masters created their own kwans (schools) and gave them the name that goes with their philosophies. Ex: Jidokwan, Song Moo Kwan, Chung Do Kwan... Q
We have here a demonstration between Taekwondo and Karate.
The master who represent the Korean martial art is the famous Ky-Tu Dang, He was a poomsae world champion and he is a very talented martial artist who has an amazing flexibility, and he is also a very funny person.
We do not have more information about the Karate black belt, but he also did a nice demonstration.
The amazing thing about Ky-Tu Dang demonstrations is he can show you the art of Taekwondo and also entertain you by his funny acts.  
Let's watch the video and let's enjoy :)
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