You would regret laughing at him when you know his reality

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 You may laugh at him when seeing him fail in that Sri Lanka got talents show, but you would be shocked to know that this man has a disability.

Some videos of this audition went viral and most of them was cut, and they do not show all the scene on the stage. Most people would think that this man is physically normal, and that makes laughing ''maybe'' understandable, but knowing the man has a disability would change many things.

After the first breakings, this man showed an impressive self confidence and asked for another brick to break it by head, but unfortunately this one went wrong, and he fell on his back when he hit the brick.

Most the judges were worried about him because all these breakings could cause a serious damage to any person. This brave man seems to have the will to prove that  his disability did not stop him to reach that level in martial arts. Our message to him  is: You do not need to hurt your self to prove something to us, because you already did.

Failing is not a problem and failure is the best school ever, but people should be wise whenever they want to try something, and they should avoid anything that could be life threatening.

We do not know much about the hero of  this story today, but he seems to be born with some disabilities, but the amazing thing is that he has reached a certain respected level in martial arts, and we just hope that he will take it easy, because some demonstrations can cost him a lot.

I do believe that his show went viral and many people laughed at him, but knowing the reality would make most of you respect this man.

We just hope there would be someone there in Sri Lanka to guide this Karate guy and help him to stay on the safest side of the martial art and avoid all dangerous shows that may cause a terrible injury to him.

Please if you know this Karate man, feel free to comment below and tell us more about him.

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