Drunken master beaten by Kyukushin Karate fighters

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Most of you have watched the impressive movie of Jackie Chan titled Drunken master, and it is one of the most watched films of Jacki Chan.
This movie was very entertaining and showed a different style of fighting. Jackie was doing a style of a drunken master, and Jackie was a good fighter once he is drunk. This is of course far from reality because being drunk would not allow a man to stand correctly :) and fighting would be impossible.
Some people seem to believe in movies too much, and they even try to apply what they see on the screen in real fights. 
We have seen examples who tried to use the Wing Chun style they have watched in Ip Man series that was made by the actor Donnie Yen.
It is true that Ip Man was a martial artist and grand master and Bruce Lee was one of his students. It is good to be inspired by movies but it is wrong to mix between movies and reality.
Our guest today is a fake drunken master :)
These scenes were filmed inside a Karate dojo (Dojang in Korean) and this kung Fu practitioner or master had few fights against Kyukushin fighters. We do not know who challenged the other but we just guess that kung Fu guy did, because he is in their home.
The Kung Fu guy applied his drunken style against the Kyukushin fighters, but unfortunately it did not work and he was hit to the head many times which caused a little knock down.
The Kung Fu fighter or master got the best lesson in his challenge and we hope that he will forget about the drunken master style in real fights.
The simple rule is: Be real in real fights and no need to use unnecessary moves :)
What do you think?