Overwhelming messages to support Ahmad Abughaush

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Few days after the arrest of the Olympian champion Ahmad Abughaush, several world taekwondo champions sent him very touching and overwhelming messages through videos, and they expressed their support to him and asking for his freedom.
The Olympian Ahmad Abughaush posted a video on his Facebook official page where many champions were standing behind their friend. On this video we can see the Belgian Jaouad Achab, Khalil Safwan from Australian team and many others.
We just hope this problem will be over soon and the Jordanian athlete will be free and go back to his normal life and restart his plans for the next events and also the Olympic games.
The vision is blurry in this case and no one can say what really happened.
In one of our previous articles we have talked about the reason why some athletes leave their own countries in order to represent new countries.
The developed countries know well how to treat their athletes and attract other skillful fighters from other nations.
The third world countries have issues to take care of their athletes.
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You can watch the video message though the link of Abughaush official FB page.