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Chung Do Kwan is one of the principal schools that became Taekwondo later, and it was founded by great grand master Won Kuk Lee in mid forties.

GM Won Kuk Lee was a student of the Japanese Karate grand master Geshin Funakoshi and his son Gigo. 

His Karate background explain the similarity between Chung Do Kwan forms and the Shotokan Karate katas.

We have posted an article lately about a Chung Do Kwan school in the United States, and it was about some CDK black belts (5th Dan) performing some forms.

The way they are performing is just fast and you can not clearly see what they are doing, and their techniques are unique in a bad way, and we also can notice the way they are performing their kicks (Example: no knee bending in kicks).

We were really curious to look more about Chung Do kwan schools and to make sure if they are all adopting the same style or not.

We have found one video that was made in 2014, and the good thing is that the video was well recorded and the quality of the image is great except the content of course :).

The video is featuring many black belts talking about their training and the Chung Do Kwan style and the benefits of their training, that is a good side no matter what they are doing, and they do believe in what they are doing.

According to the video most the practitioners featured on the video are from the 5th Dan till the 8th Dan black belts.

 we do not really blame these black belts because they are simply taught to be like that, and the masters are responsible about the level of their students.

Masters and grand masters should stop offering black belts and high Dan degrees as encouragements for the students.

 I hope this is not offending the Chung Do Kwan followers because this school can not be representing the whole Kwan.

Please if you do have any good videos about this Kwan, feel free to share them with us, because we would be glad to show the real image of one of the fundamental Kwans.

Chung Do Kwan schools that adopted the Kukkiwon style are not even close to the style featured in this video.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and comments.

You can see the full video here :


  1. Is this for real ! I think they were showing off to the camera to see who could do the worse pattern / kata ! 😀😂😂😂😂

  2. Este grupo proviene directamente de Won Kuk Lee,y de Duk Sung Son en Usa
    Mi fallecido GM fuen uno de los 1ros black belts y lo que enseño era y completamente diferente a esto que se ve
    hoy en este video

  3. Been training since the 80s and teaching since the mid-90s. Things have definitely changed. Now I have a million kids and can't get any adults. How do schools like this get adults and not trying to be rude but if I had a black belt that performed like that they wouldn't be a black belt anymore. Not that I would ever have a black belt like that to begin with

  4. Shameful, right is right and wrong is wrong no excuses.

  5. As one that practiced Chung Do Kwan for over 15 years and achieved a 3rd Dan these are not the norm. There is a possibility that these are part of a drill we occasionally did where we would do a form tai chi style. Very slow, very precise. Next we would go through the form as fast as physically possible. Finally we would blend the two to slightly faster than usual but still trying to get good precision. This was done to help improve speed overall while maintaining form. If these are only showing the fast pace section it gives a very skewed perspective. People doing these forms as presented here would not have been promoted to black belt or beyond by my master, the others that tested me or myself.