The ball game that looks like a martial art

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 The topic of today's article is about a sport similar to volley ball but the special thing is that players use their feet to kick the ball.

They call it Sepak takraw In Indonesia, Brunei, Singapore and Malaysia while they call it Takraw in Thailand and  In Myanmar it is known as chin lone.

It is wonderful how they play this game, and most the kicks are closer to the kicks that we find in martial arts.

This game requires a good flexibility and the ability to perform jump kicks when kicking the ball or during the defense. 

Sepak Takraw is not a new sport and it was played in Malaysia during the 15 century.

"Sepak" is the Malay word for kick and "takraw" is the Thai word for a woven rattan ball.

This sport became known officially as Sepak Takraw in the 1940s, and it started spreading the Southeast Asia with the introduction of the formal rules to organize the game.

The team members can be 2 or 4 players and the equipment is rattan ball, synthetic rubberized plastic.

This entertaining game is showing the impressive flexibility of the players and their great skills.

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