Paulo Costa offered Adessanya a white belt while wearing his BJJ black belt during the face off

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Costa offered a white belt to Adessanya during the Face-Off, but he was knocked out during the fight

Being cocky during the face off and being knocked out in the fight :)

During the face off one day before the fight, Paulo Costa brought a white belt and offered it to Adesanya who disliked the gesture and did throw it back to costa's face.

It seems like Costa wanted to defeat Adesanya psychologically before the real fight, but this kind of tricks wont work with a professional fighter who had over 100 fights in his career.

The fight took place in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates in 27 September 2020 (UFC Middleweight Championships).

Costa has a respectful record of 13 wins in MMA including 11 knockouts, till he met Adesanya.

Costa is a Brazilian Jiujitsu black belt and his trainer is Eric Albarracin, while Adessanya is still a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under his master André Galvão.

The fight between Costa and Adesanya was a fight between a Kickboxer fighter and a BJJ black belt. This could be one of the fights that prove the superiority of striking martial arts over the wrestling fighting styles, and it does not mean that I underestimate the wrestling martial arts. 

Paulo Costa looks physically good with impressive muscles compared to Adessanya, but the muscles did not save him.

Adessanya succeeded to knock out Paulo in he second round after successful punches.

This is the 20th win for Adessanya and the 15th knockout in his MMA career.

This should be a good lesson that would teach Paulo Costa how to respect his next opponents in the future.

Being disrespectful or cocky would make a loss much painful for any fighter, and we have seen this with many famous fighters such as  Conor Mcgregor, Anderson Silva and many others.

Do you think that striking martial arts can be effective more than wrestling styles or the opposite.

Feel free to share your thoughts with us.