Wing Chun master knocked down 3 times but the referee declared a draw

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This Wing Chun master was knocked down 3 times but the referee declared a draw???
Many of you remember the Chinese MMA fighter who is in a mission to expose the fake Chinese martial arts. Xu Xiaodong challenged many martial artists who promote themselves as masters, and it was a shame that most of them end up on the floor in a very short time.
In one of the previous articles we have mentioned how much he is hated in China because they think that he is insulting the Chinese heritage (Chinese martial arts).
Xu Xiaodong was dropped off from some social platforms because most of his fights went viral, which is a negative promotion for the traditional martial arts.
Chinese instructors were forbidden to use the word master by the Chinese kung fu Association after these masters were beaten.
Probably the practitioners of these traditional arts were not trained to fight in a real fights, and most of these styles do not have sparring competitions, therefore, they could only practice programed sparring or forms...
In the other hand an MMA fighter for exampled is trained to hurt, to knock out, to knock down, or end up a fighter by a submission.
Today we have a fight between Xu Xiaodong representing the mixed martial arts and Ding Hao representing Wing Chun.
Before talking about this fight, I would like to mention one thing. These Wing Chun masters or fighters appeared after the release of the film Ip Man, and they seem to be inspired by the great master of Wing Chun and want to do the same.
Back to the fight.
Xu really punished this Wing Chun master by using his fighting skills and also his size advantage.
The MMA fighter was wearing gloves which is better for the Wing Chun fighter because it would limit the effect of the punches, and it would also protect Xu's hands.
Xu was away better in this fight than the Wing Chun fighter and he knocked him down three times, and the wing Chun fighter or master seemed to be hurt in the last knock down, but the surprise was that the referee declared the fight by a draw, which was shocking. This decision was political and the only explanation is that the referee wanted to save the reputation and the honor of the traditional Chinese martial arts.
It is crazy to think that this decision will save the honor of these martial arts because anyone who watched this fight will see that the Wing Chun was simply destroyed.
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