Brutal knockout in the air

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This Taekwondo knockout happened during a Championships in Morocco, and the special thing about it is that it happened while both fighters were jumping.

The blue corner performed a jumping kick but the red corner fighter executed a 360 degree kick that hit the head of the blue corner fighter and simply knocked him out.

The blue fell on the mat without any movements which made his opponent went to check up on him. Some people entered the mat and tried to wake him up, which took them sometime. At this time the red corner fighter seemed to be afraid that his opponent was terribly hurt, and his acts on the mat showed that he was shocked to see his opponent on the floor with movement. It is possible these two athletes know each other, and they can be even friends, which make this knockout has more impact on his feelings.

The bad thing on here that there was no medical staff to take care of such situations like that, and people here had the intention to help but the good intention alone is not enough, and it requires medical knowledge to help. 

Some injuries can be worse by moving the body of the injured person, especially if the injury was in the head, neck or spine.

His reaction is really to be saluted because we can see many other fighters and athletes celebrating while their opponents are unconscious and knocked out on the floor.

Being kicked while flying in air can cause damage more than kicking a fighter on the ground, and in the case of this fight the kick went to the head which looks like kicking a ball.

Let's watch this knockout