Joe Harding met the guy who knocked him out while dancing and showed respect

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Being cocky is sometimes  changing the opinion of people about some champions, and the bad behavior can make the fans and followers turn away from their idols, because it is not only about who can be the best in kicking and punching but also about giving the good example on the ring and outside the ring.

Many fighters lost many of their fans because the behavior was ugly. People love their idols and see them as examples to follow and also for their kids to follow.

Most cocky fighters sometimes get defeated in shameful ways, which affect the athletes in a dramatic way.

In today's article we would talk about a fight that was held three years ago, and we have posted about it before. The fight was between  Joe Harding and  Johan Sega.

This fight went viral because the knockout out happened after some crazy dance moves :)

Joe underestimated Johan too much in that fight, and it is true that his level was good and he probably could win that fight if he did not exaggerated doing that crazy style as if he was fighting against a 7 years old fighter, after his dance move Johan took advantage and kicked his head and knocked him out.

Joe had only three fight after this fight, and he is inactive in MMA since 2017.

Joe is in his late twenties which is too early to retire but who knows! Maybe he will be back :)

The good thing about this fight is that  Joe Harding met Johan Sega and showed respect to each other, which is a great thing in martial arts.

 let's watch :)

Here is the knockout again.