Schwarzenegger flexibility

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Arnold Schwarzenegger is an American bodybuilder, actor, businessman and former politician originally from Austria. 

He is well-known for his great role in Terminator film and many others such as Commando, Predator..

Arnold won many world titles in bodybuilding especially in Master Olympia where he won seven titles, which is a big record that only few can achieve.  

He has been struggling with some heart problems lately and he had to go under surgery to fix it.

Arnie is still active and trying to stay fit in his seventies but he said in an interview that he is taking it easy and avoiding to lift heavy weights after that heart surgery.

In this short video Arnold Schwarzenegger is talking about the importance of flexibility in a funny way 😅

We can see Arnie doing a nice split and stretching and trying to his toes.

Wait till the end and you will discover the trick of Arnie 🤣🤣


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