Taekwondo half dobok demonstration

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 Many Taekwondo practitioners are complaining about the change happening to the Korean martial art, and even the outsiders can tell jokes about Taekwondo that became like ballet. 

The World taekwondo Federation and the Kukkiwon are not the only organizations responsible about this big change but also Taekwondo schools.

The organizations ruling Taekwondo events are not strict to save the tradition of Taekwondo and they allow crazy things to happen, for example in one Hanmadang, a Korean team did a show wearing some revealing cloths that show the female shape, and performing some naughty dances, which was too far away from Taekwondo.

 The Hanmadang even was organized by Kukkiwon and we do not know if they have any rules about the cloths and uniforms, maybe they would allow participants to be naked there, who knows!

The other example happened during the Wuxi World Taekwondo Teams Championships 2017. It was a weird demonstration performed by female athletes or models ''maybe'', who were wearing half doboks, and they were wearing only the top vest of the uniforms with black belts and without trousers

All these things are happening without the support of the two organizations, and the prove is that the World Taekwondo tried to force athletes to compete wearing the tight uniforms, and maybe without those petitions on internet against the new uniform and the voices that were against that, we do believe that the WT will make it happen.

We did not notice any objection from the professional Taekwondo athletes, maybe because they were afraid to have issues in the future, who knows!

Back to the main topic, the girls did a dancing show who had nothing to do with Taekwondo we know except the uniform top they are wearing. 

We can not understand how the World Taekwondo would allow something like that during a big event like the World Taekwondo Championships! This is a big event that the world would watch. 

Is the WTF promoting this in purpose? Would they want to destroy Taekwondo reputation? We have no comment.

Let us know what do you think about this?



  1. I agree I still struggle to see tkd uniforms that are not white, what is kobra kai or some other fake Martial Art not to mention the scoring policy that makes tkd look like a ridiculous thing not martial art Wich is what it is and should be recognized for. Not what people think of it right now.