One armed Boxer beat up a Wing Chun master (third generation of IP man lineage)

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The fights between different styles are always been a way to prove that a style is better than an other.

The traditional martial arts appeared in movies and promoted the practitioners of those styles as supermen, and I remember how those films were inspiring us even though we knew that most the choreographies were not all true, but all the truth is that they showed a wrong image about the Chinese martial arts. The films were showing the incredible powers that those masters had, and how can a master with no weapon can beat armed men.

Nowadays, we can see many fights that really exposed many masters who practice and teach those traditional martial arts, and beat them up in short time.

Does that means that traditional styles are fake? We can not really say that because it is always about the practitioner level, and we can not know say if those practitioners deserved to represent their art or not.

In one of Ip Man's movies the final fight was between Ip Man (Wing Chun) and a boxer champion, and the movie showed how the traditional Wing chun could win against a very strong style using the Chinese martial art.

Okay, that was a movie and we do not know if it really happened or not.

Now we have a real fight between a Boxer and a Wing Chun Fighter.

The Boxer's name is Xiong Chengcheng and the Wing Chun's name is Yu Changhua who is a student of Ip Man student (third generation direct Ip Man Wing Chun lineage "master'')

In this fight the boxer Xiong used only one arm to fight and of course no kicks, while the Wing Chun master was using both arms and also kicks, but still could not win this fight -_-.

It was shame really to fight this way and lose, and the question is: Would his students still believe in his teachings?

Watch this fight and feel free to share your opinions.