Adesanya knocked out for the first and only time

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Israel Oluwafemi Adesanya is a very strong fighter in the mixed martial arts competition, and well known for his beautiful and entertaining fighting style.

Adesanya has a record of 6 fights in professional boxing (W 5 - L 1), 80 fights in Kickboxing (W 75, L5) and 19 in MMA (W 19).

As we can see, Adesanya had an amazing record of professional fights and he did a total of 105 fights in three different styles till now.

It is also amazing that he lost only 6 fights out of 105 fights, which is not easier to achieve by most fighters.

In today's article we are going to talk about the only time Adesanya was knocked out. That knockout happened when Adesanya was competing in the kickboxing competition.

The fight was held  March 4, 2017 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and it was against the Brazilian Alex Pereira.

Alex had a Kickboxing record of 46 fights (W 40, L 6), and 3 fights in the mixed martial arts competition (W 2, L 1).

During the fight between the two fighters, Adesanya was dominating the fight and even knocked Alex down, and the referee had to stop the fight.

It did not take much time till Alex get back to the fight and succeeded to perform a good left hook toward Adesanya and knock him out.

Adesanya was one the ground for over 10 seconds and could not get up without the help of the staff.

Before this kickboxing fight, Adesanya already did 9 fights in the MMA competition.

Adesanya loss against Alex Perreira by knock out was the last fight of Adesanya in the kickboxing competition, and he is focusing more on the MMA.

One year before this fight, the both fighter met on the ring and Alex Perreira also won the fight, and it was by decision, but i am not sure if Alex really deserved that win.  

Adesanya is still 31 years old and still can still compete in the MMA.

watch the fight knockout and Stay tuned for the next topics.