Conor McGregor Taekwondo training

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Conor Anthony McGregor is an Irish retired boxer and professional mixed martial artist, born 14 July 1988.

Conor is well known for his weird style during the press conferences or during the face off. The weirdest event was during the press conference against Khabib Normag, when Conor was holding his bottle of wine, drinking during the conference and inviting khabib to have a drink, and of course Khabib is a Muslim and his beliefs do not allow him to drink any kind of wine.

Conor MacGregor had only one boxing fight against Floyd Mayweather and he lost it of course, because Floyd is a professional boxer and still fit, and it would be a shame if Floyd loses that fight against a mixed martial artist.

The big event between Conor and Khabib took place in Las vegas (USA), 6 October 2018, and Conor lost against khabib by submission.

After 15 months (18-01-2020) Conor did a fighter against Donald Cerrone and won it by technical knock out (head kicks and punches), the he retired.

Conor McGregor has an impressive record in MMA of 26 fights, he won 22 fights (19  by knock outs, 1 by submission, 2 by decision), and he lost 4 fights by submission.

We came across a training video of Conor practicing Taekwondo kicks with an ITF master. 

we can see Conor McGregor in this video performing impressive Taekwondo kicks.

lets watch